An Alphabetical Catwalk

“For my three-day workshop at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, I didn’t want the students to work with their computers; they do this enough for the rest of the term. I wanted them to think directly and to build something, to gain experiences with differnt materials and fabrics. The students translated typography into fashion and developed differnt solutions for each letter, which we discusssed as a group in terms of movement, readability, materiality and creativity. Could we find harmony between the sounds of speech and garments made from letters?
The second day the production began. The students had to organise everything properly to make sure that the fashion show would go ahead on the third day. Sound and choreography had to be designed. Working in a team and making decisions together was a very important component.”
Tania Prill, 2009

Workshop, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, 2009
Students: Michael Allocca, Linda Braun, Kati Bretsch, Natalie de Gregorio, Anna Gönner,
Anja Haas, Helen Hauert, Ramona Heiligensetzer, Leonie Hosoda, Tim Jüdemann,
Benjamin Kivikoski, Carolin Lintl, Hanna Musen, Pasqual Schillberg

Published in “eye”, 72/09